May you see the world like her

September 11, 2020  •  1 Comment

As I sit here feeling ALL THE FEELS of 2020 I have this one little bright spot. Her name is Audrey. Her little light is shining through my computer screen as I look over the moments I captured last week. 

I haven't done many photoshoots this year. THIS one was one of the first, in fact, and it's September. I drug my feet just a little as I thought of getting behind my lens again. What if I wasn't any good? What if I couldn't really do what I love doing after so long? What if my tired and weary heart just didn't have it in me? I pushed past all of those nagging fears and went ahead and scheduled this session. 

Pre-2020 I saw Audrey roughly once a week. She has grown up on the other side of my lens and I have always loved capturing her changes as she grows. She came bounding out of the car and I instantly knew that I had what I needed to make this work. Or to put it more accurately I knew SHE would get it out of me. 

The first thing she did was take off into the park. She's almost 3 and it is par for the course. This photoshoot quickly became a fun game of chase and hide and seek. I loved every second of her being her curious and adventurous 3 year old self. We were off!

There's something special about stopping time when someone is being their authentic self. Kids don't worry too much about cameras, typically. They go about living their lives and I'm just a witness to what they're going to do. Adults don't do this. Adults don't go about their lives with a carefree attitude about photos. That makes kids special. 


It wasn't very long and Audrey had discovered a slithery little friend on her path. She wasn't entirely sure about it but mom and dad showed her that it was harmless and before we knew it she was holding it. It's not every day that a snake makes it into your photo shoot!


You know what else is awesome about little kids? When they smile it is FOR REAL...every time. If you let them be themselves and just keep your trigger finger ready you WILL capture their real joy. It's fun to create moments for this to happen organically and Audrey gave me this stunner! I love this photo so much!



We decided to head down to the beach and Audrey was ALL ABOUT IT! She was so cute as she found exciting rocks and the sparkling water sure made for a fun 'backdrop.'


What is it about little kids pouty lips? They get me EVERY TIME! I love how this photo makes her still seem little. Innocent and not too sure about whatever it is she sees on the horizon.


Mom and dad joined in the fun since that is what this was all about. Looking for rocks. Just ask Audrey! 


You know what makes my heart thankful? Parents who will sit down, in nice clothes, and play in the rocks because their daughter wants to. Parents who let them explore and even get dirty because THAT is how kids learn best. Audrey, you've got yourself some pretty awesome parents!

She decided that skipping rocks was fun but 'plopping' rocks (or boulders) might be even MORE FUN! I cracked up when I saw this image after the fact. I think she surprised her dad with that one!


Don't you know? Beaches are for walking barefoot holding onto mama's hand.


A little water never hurt anyone!


When daddy asked her to 'Show me your muscles' THIS is what she did! I cracked up! You show 'em, girl!


Oh and did I mention that Audrey and her daddy have a pretty sweet bond? He is clearly her favorite person and it's pretty cute watching them together.


See what I mean?!

It wasn't long after the beach that Audrey was off finding treasures again. This time a branch caught her eye and she was SO proud of herself. She had to come show it to all of us.

See what I mean? Pure joy!



So as I sit here on September 11, 2020 with tears in my eyes, I am thankful for this sweet girl. I LOVE how the world hasn't touched her childlike spirit yet. Her innocence is so pure and sweet and her independence tells me she will be strong. Most of all I hope we can all take a moment and look at our world like Audrey does. May that be our view today...and always! 



Nancy Mahan(non-registered)
What wonderful pictures. Your pictures always tell a story and the pictures of this little sunshine are exceptional.
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