Trip to Colorado 2019

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{Part 1- Brian & Kayla Lundstedt's Wedding}

20 years ago, my long lost 'sister' and I made a pact. We promised to have each other in our weddings...someday. Well, as time seems to continue to teach me, 2 decades flew by. Days and years have collected in our lives and we found ourselves, still far apart in distance, and even somewhat far apart in our friendship. The thing about Kayla and I is that we ALWAYS picked up right where we left off. She grew up in Colorado and I lived in Ohio. Every summer we would fly to see each other for a couple weeks and reconnect. We never had awkward moments. It was almost as if we were just  part of a song on pause. Our cd would spin and spin waiting until we could push play on our adventures, again. 

Eric and I got married in 2006 and I chose 2 girls to stand by my side. Krystal, my 2nd cousin and the 'roni' to my 'mac', and Kayla, my crazy cool Colorado friend who seemed invincible. 12 years later I got an invitation in the mail to be her BRIDESMAID!!!!! What?!? For real? I told her, right off the bat, that she did NOT need to feel obligated because of some 'silly' promise whispered between us, long past our bedtime. She insisted and so I bought tickets, a dress, packed our bags and took Annelise on a Colorado adventure! 


We got up before 4am to get to the airport in time to catch our flight. We had earned 'coffee' and muffins!

We had an uneventful flight and then needed to get a rental car. Eric had reserved us a small SUV and we could pick ANY in the lineup. I looked at Annelise and said "Have your pick, kid. Which one will it be?"

She IMMEDIATELY said "we HAVE to get the JEEP mom!!!"

{little did I know just how much 4-wheel drive would come in handy over the next week!}

We made a quick stop off at Cracker Barrel to grab a bite on our way to Fort Collins. We had to call Auntie Ashlee to get some recommendations on what was the best food to choose! She always comes through with a winner. 

We called Kayla and she was running errands in town. We decided to meet up at JoAnn Fabrics. We found each other at the bathrooms! We both found it funny that after not seeing each other in YEARS we met up near the loo!
We followed Kayla back to her place. She and Brian are building a 'barnaminium' on their 160 acres. The building is up but there is no power or water yet. They're living in a 5th wheel while they build.

I snapped this as we pulled in

This truck is how you know where to turn into their driveway! It came in handy throughout the weekend to find their property!

Annelise and I slept in the 5th wheel and then the next morning we got up and went to the nail salon. We met up with Kate and Diedre. Annelise had a blast and fit right in with all the ladies.

Rough life.

Diedre brought Kayla a sash and tiara she 'got' to wear the whole day. I decided to snap a few more pics whenever she would come out of a bathroom. It always made us crack up!

We moved into the airbnb the next day and Annelise and I got to share some VERY comfy bunk beds. She was so excited to sleep on top. We lounged around and enjoyed lots of girl time.

Kayla got kind of sneaky and jumped up and hid in the master bedroom for a few min. Come to find out she was getting our bridesmaid gifts all laid out to give us. She had a robe, pashmina scarf, tote bag and necklace for each girl...except for me. Instead of a necklace she got me PERSONALIZED knitting needles!!! I had NO idea this was even a thing. Since the girls were wearing their necklaces the next day I asked if I could put my needles in my bouquet. I think it turned out adorable! 

My needles say:

Becky, true friends are never apart.

Maybe in distance, but never in heart.

The next morning Kayla's mom showed up and she had some surprises for her, too. 

Diedre had a gift for Kayla from Brian. He's always wanted a pair of 1911s with consecutive serial numbers. Well he got them and gave one to her!!! She was so excited and it was so thoughtful. Some friends had them engraved with their wedding date etc. 

ps. She wasn't ACTUALLY aiming at Amanda's head. It just looks that way.

We enjoyed a fairly relaxed wedding morning. Kayla had been banned from the property so we all hung out while getting ready for the big event. Cher showed up to do our hair and her fiance was there with their 2 dogs. Annelise immediately ran outside and spend the day playing fetch and cuddling 'Sis.' 

Diedre's hair turned out SO beautiful!!!


The photographers showed up and got to work. It was fun to take pictures of them since I'm usually the one 'working.' 

Here are some of Kayla's details. She dyed the heels herself. They used to be blue and she worked her magic and made them the perfect teal.

Her veil was GORGEOUS. The light coming through it hanging in the window made me swoon.

Kayla had decided, long ago, that she wanted us to each pick our dress. She gave us some basic guidelines but was hoping for variety. I'd say it turned out pretty amazing considering we live in 3 different states.


{insert ceremony} Since I was IN the wedding my camera was on a break in my bag until the reception.


Brian and Kayla's first dance. They rocked it and seemed like they've been dancing together for years.

Dwayne's turn with the bride. Father daughter dances ALWAYS make me cry. Kate and I bawled while they happily spun around the dance floor.

Scott and Diedre were having a fun time cutting a rug. I love the pic with Kayla and Brian in the background.

Kayla and her mama. How adorable are they?! Good grief. 


Dwayne also got a turn with his other daughter, Kate. 

I LOVE this woman! She is SO SWEET and it was wonderful to catch up with her. Kate, you have GOT to come visit!!!


I loved the flowers and details of this wedding. So pretty. The shells used for the guys were from a day Brian and his friends went shooting on the property. 

Bridesmaid bouquet. GORGEOUS

Kayla and Amanda. Best friends. So sweet.

Mike was the LUCKY guy who got to walk me down the aisle! At one point I was SO cold {after the ceremony} that I ran over and told him I'd give him $20 if he would hold me!!! haha I wasn't joking. My flowers were shaking I was shivering so bad. He was sweet enough to be my wind blocker after that.


A sweet little cake and lots of homemade desserts were served. Brian carved the B & K cake toppers the day before! What a handy guy!

It was fun to catch up with some other Watsons! Darrell and Lynn and their family. Doug & Cheryl.

This little love was my best buddy for the day. She had me cracking up and we danced the night away, later on. I wish I could have taken her home with us.

Her daddy took her on the dance floor multiple times which melted my heart.

Towards the end of the evening he was REALLY Getting into this whole dancing bit. He kept us all rolling!

I love how kids are always the ones who shine brightest. How cute are these littles?


This little guy was getting ALL the auntie loving! What a DOLL! 

Of course I had a favorite kid of my OWN! How cute is Annelise? The entire trip she was enjoying her cowgirl hat and boots. I love this kid.


A few funny/random shots from the day. Deidre had fun reception sneakers with glitter ties. Kate was LOVING her bbq. Kayla looking fierce in her shades.

Amanda has been friends with Kayla for as long as I can remember. We both wanted a picture with Diedre and Dwayne because they were like our other set of parents growing up. So many memories!

The parents and the pastor who married them.

Sheena's granddaughter was the flower girl. She was NOT happy that her grandma and grandpa were dancing without her at the reception! It was so cute!

Annelise and Annalee are the same age and almost have the same name. They were fast friends and enjoyed hanging out over the wedding weekend. We hope to see them again, soon. Too bad they live in Kentucky! Hmmm I think they would make great pen pals. 

The photographers of the day. They did an amazing job and I can't WAIT to see the pictures!!! 


{Part 2- visiting friends before heading home}

We left early on Sunday morning and ran to Wyoming to grab gas. It was the closest station and I was down to 16 miles worth of gas left in my tank. Typical! I do this all the time! On our way to the border we passed the place with camels. Yes, you read that right...CAMELS! So weird! 

As we crossed back into Colorado we decided to stop so Annelise could take her pic under the sign. She LOVES Colorado and says she wants to move here ASAP. 

We went to meeting Sunday morning and then headed to Joy Hartman's house. {Justin's mom for those of you who don't know her} We spent the night and enjoyed catching up with Darren & Cassie and their ADORABLE kids, too. They had fun with sidewalk chalk and magic tricks. August helped cook lunch and was quite proud of the tricks he showed us. 

I snapped a few photos before Darren and Cassie left. One is of Darren and I with our Mini Me's! 


We played Scrabble and had popcorn that night. It was so fun catching up with Joy and talking about Justin. 

Joy had to work on Monday so Annelise and I loaded up and headed for Elizabeth, CO. We got into rain which turned into snow by the time we got to Sheryl Baker's house. 

We spend the day with her. We enjoyed catching up, loving on Florence & Albert {2 very fat and spoiled felines} & singing/recording several Sound of Music songs. Annelise thought the microphone/amp was the coolest thing and serenaded us the entire day. We had a lot of laughs!

The snow continued and we headed off to Convention Grounds in Elizabeth to see Steve and Twyla Rassmusen. THANKFULLY we had 4 wheel drive {again} as the dirt roads were quite messy and somewhat slippery. I couldn't believe how much snow we were getting. Their cows greeted us as we pulled in. 

This is how much snow there was on the ground Monday evening. We enjoyed a nice supper and Annelise played with Ivy, their granddaughter who lives next door. They also happen to be 5th cousins, but who's counting?

The last time we were here this little cottage was framed in but still bare bones. Annelise and I traipsed to see inside of it and it did NOT disappoint! It may be the cutest little house I've ever been inside of. AAAHHHHH I want one! 

Next door to the little cottage is a stone cabin. I didn't take pics inside but it's a rustic little place and I could ALSO use one of these!!! haha

Out front Twyla has a crab apple tree that was loaded with blossoms before it started snowing. I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful blooming tree, covered in snow, before. I was wishing I had my macro lens in my bag but I made due with the one lens I had on the trip. It was so beautiful.

We found ourselves in a winter wonderland and Annelise decided she wanted to shovel because it looked 'fun.' Uh...clearly she did NOT grow up with snowy winters because I can't imagine EVER thinking of shoveling snow as fun!

The humming birds didn't seem to know what to do with all this white, cold stuff. They sucked the feeders dry in record time and this little guy kept landing on the chair sitting on the covered porch. I couldn't blame him b/c I also thought it was a pretty adorable oasis. I kept creeping up on him to get closer and closer. Yet again, wishing I had yet ANOTHER lens, that I left at home. He was so sweet and would fly off and return as soon as I was far enough away to seem safe. I guess this was his new perch.

We managed to get our car cleared off, drove to the airport and spend several hours meandering through the different concourses. Our tickets got switched to Comfort Plus so we had a TON of leg room. Typical of selfies with a DSLR camera, this is far from in focus BUT I love it of us anyway! We made it home late Tuesday night and were VERY happy to love on our puppies and climb in our own beds. It was an amazing trip and I hope it's not nearly as many years before I make it back to Colorado, again! Thank you to EVERYONE who welcomed us in and made us feel like family. We are very lucky! 

{ps. insert my first speeding ticket between these 2 images. yep. It happened folks! Oops. I guess 31 years isn't that bad for getting my FIRST EVER ticket. Ugh. At least I'm sending the $$ to a state I like!}



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